Run Java Programs from your own C / C++ code the easy way

JohannaSoft Software Java Virtual Machine Launcher Library for Win32 C / C++ allows to launch java programs from within your own Win32 C / C++ developments. 

The product itself is named JohannaSoft JVMWrapper for Windows, and it's free to download and use in both non-commercial and commercial developments.

It's a convenient way to wrap java execution within your native Win32 software. 

Easy to use and well tested and documented.

There are two flavors to use. 

    1. A standard Win 32 Dll file.
    2. A static Win32 library to link into your project.

Both work the same way. 

They share the same core features: 

    • Run java main method
    • Vervose JVM execution
    • Allows to  set the java program parameters
    • You can set  the JVM flags
    • Redirect standard output and error to a log file
    • Disable / enable Just in time compiler
    • Choose to run on client or server JVM mode 

At this time, JohannaSoft Java Virtual Machine Wrapper for Windows only supports the 32 bits Java Virtual Machine.

It can be used in both  32 / 64 bits Windows, but compilation in 32 bit mode is required and a 32 bit Java Virtual Machine must be installed.

A native 64 bits library will be released eventually. 

You can contact us at for any questions or support you might need. 

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